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        The impact of the rapid development of chips on the development direction of the connector industry

           2020-08-15 13:55:04

                When the rapid development of chips continues to advance, it meets people's needs for products with powerful functions and small size. The entire market products are small, lightweight and rampant. This development trend has forced the connector into a dead end, not only the connector Development is approaching the direction of small and thin, and more serious is the power of the chip, which makes the PCB board highly integrated, so that the demand for the connector in the product is not only in the direction of small and thin, but also in the direction of rapid cancellation. , So the development of future connectors must tend to the following two aspects:

        1. Miniaturization of the connector

              The miniaturization of connectors is the inevitable development direction. Such products will be mainly FPC, and the powerful mobile phone functions will bring the market reshuffle in the direction of the Internet of Things in the future, and from the perspective of mechanical development, FPC connection In the future, the FPC connector will meet the functions of most products. Therefore, after a qualitative leap in the function of the FPC connector in the future, the amount of consumption will also be very large. The FPC connector will become the mainstream development direction of the connector in the future.

        2. External direction of the connector

              The connector that cannot be replaced in the short term should be an external connector. This connector will take TYPE-C connection as the dominant direction. Now mobile phones will gradually unify TYPE-C connectors, even Apple phones, which have always been a closed ecosystem. The mobile phone interface is replaced with a TYPE-C interface, and the function of the TYPE-C connector is now becoming more and more powerful. It not only takes the signal and small current, but also gradually realizes the fast charging function, and gradually replaces the computer’s large-capacity charging interface. According to the idea of the Connector Industry Association, in order to save energy and avoid unnecessary waste of resources, the unification of all mobile phone interfaces and even computer interfaces into TYPE-C interfaces has been advanced step by step. In the future, TYPE-C will not only charge mobile phones and computers. , And will replace more external interfaces. In the future, chip functions will continue to become more powerful, resulting in a high concentration of product functions. It is very likely that a product will only have one external interface, and TYPE-C may be the connector industry The biggest selling product in